Pritzker has signed eight ISNS-tracked into law, has 58 to go

Updated July 19, 2021


From left to right in the table below you will find:

  • The bill numbers of legislation that passed both chambers of the General Assembly and was sent to the governor for his consideration. The bill numbers are hyperlinked to their "status pages" on the legislature's excellently informative and transparent web site. By click a bill's number, you can read its text, learn about its sponsor, review its legislative history and determine when may take effect as a new law.
  • The bill's "short title," a brief indicator of its subject matter
  • A summary of the effects a bill would have if it becomes law. (Late amendments can make this summary inaccurate, however, so it is best to review its status page to see if amendments have been adopted.)
  • The date of the last action taken on a bill.
  • Finally, the nature of the last action. As you can see, the last action taken on the first eight bills listed was one that encoded them as public acts. Gov. JB Pritzker signed them into law on the indicated date. The last action on the other 58 bills listed was that the legislative branch sent them to Pritzker for his review.

The Illinois Constitution regulates the legislative process in fine detail. As that relates to the information in the table below, it means Pritzker has 60 calendar days from the date he receives a bill to take action; he can sign it into law (which is what is likely for all of these bills), veto it, or return it to the legislature with recommendations for change. If he were to take no action (which never happens), the bill simply would become law without him.


HB3922 STATE HOLIDAY-JUNETEENTH "Provides that Juneteenth National Freedom Day shall be observed on June 19 of each year as a holiday throughout the State..." (The date is currently in law, but not designated as a state holiday.) 6/16/2021 Public Act - 102-0014
HB1934 SCH CD-FIN AUDIT-CASH BASIS Allows a "regional office of education or educational service center may utilize a cash basis, modified cash basis, or generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) basis of accounting in the preparation of the financial statements" for the Auditor General. 6/25/2021 Public Act - 102-0025
SB2338 SCH CD-CHRONIC TRUANTS "Revises language to make certain actions permissible rather than mandatory with respect to truancy." Affects all districts but many provisions affect Chicago schools only. 6/29/2021 Public Act - 102-0042
HB0376 SCH CD-ASIAN AMERICAN HISTORY Would require all schools, elementary and high school grades, to provide "a unit of instruction studying events of Asian American history." 7/9/2021 Public Act - 102-0044
HB0120 EDUCATION-MODEST SPORT UNIFORM Requires public schools and universities to permit modification of sports or athletic team uniforms for purposes of modesty and for students to meet "the requirements of his or her religion." 7/9/2021 Public Act - 102-0051
HB0226 HIGHER ED ADMISSION-NO TESTING High school students applying to state universities would not have to take standardized tests to be admitted. 7/9/2021 Public Act - 102-0054
HB0234 SCH CD-MEDIA LITERACY A permissive (not mandated) curriculum bill for high school "media literacy" instruction. 7/9/2021 Public Act - 102-0055
HB0290 SCH CD-SPECIAL ED RESOURCES Would set time requirements for parental notification when a student with an individualized educational program may be eligible to receive "additional specified services, benefits, or resources." 7/9/2021 Public Act - 102-0057
HB0004 SCH CD-ELECTION DAY E-LEARNING Would allow students to be taught electronically on election days if their school is selected as a polling place. 6/30/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB0012 EDUC-FAMILY LEAVE ELIGIBILITY Would make school and university employees eligible for medical leave on terms identical to those provided to federal employees. 6/21/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB0015 SCH CD-STUDENT DISCIPLINE In instances of student misbehavior, requires districts to inform the parents of a misbehaving student - and also the parents of any student who may have been a "victim" of that misbehavior - of the details. 6/28/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB0018 SCH CD-TEACHER EVALUATION Creates longer intervals between teacher evaluations for teachers who achieve high performance ratings. 6/28/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB0024 SCH CD-SEX EDUCATION-SEXTING Adds age-appropriate instruction on "sexting" for students in sex education programs. 6/23/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB0026 SCH CD-INTERNET ACCESSIBILITY Requires third-party online providers' curricula to comply with certain guidelines of accessibility for students with disabilities. 6/23/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB0040 SCH CD-SPECIAL ED-MAXIMUM AGE Allows disabled students who turn 22 during a school year to complete the year receiving services, rather than aging out on their 22nd birthday. 6/25/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB0041 SCH CD-RESIDENTIAL PLACEMENT Prescribes efforts by entities placing students with disabilities for districts to offer as options to out-of-state placements for parents to consider. 6/28/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB0102 ANAPHYLACTIC POLICY Requires the state Department of Public Health, the Illinois State Board of Education and the Department of Children and Family Services to jointly create "anaphylactic policies for school districts and day care centers" and to promulgate rules for them within six months. 6/23/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB0126 PEN CD-TRS-OPTIONAL BENEFIT "Amends the Downstate Teacher Article of the Illinois Pension Code. Repeals a provision requiring the System to offer an optional defined contribution benefit to active members of the System." 6/25/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB0156 EDUC-MENSTRUAL HYGIENE PRODUCT Clarifies current law requiring school districts to provide "menstrual (rather than feminine) hygiene products" in every bathroom in every school. 6/29/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB0160 SCH CD-RELIGIOUS FASTING-P.E. Excuses students from any "physical education course during a period of religious fasting if the pupil's parent or guardian notifies the school principal in writing that the pupil is participating in religious fasting." 6/23/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB0169 SCH CD-EXCUSED ABSENCE-HOLIDAY Would require district superintendents to "develop and distribute" procedures by which parents will notify schools that their children will miss school for religious instruction or other religious purposes. 6/23/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB0212 SCHCD-MENTAL HEALTH TASK FORCE Would create a create a "Mental Health Task Force for Communication, Intelligence, Empathy, Emotion, and Empowerment." 6/25/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB0219 SCH CD-TIME OUT-RESTRAINT Would change how ISBE adopts rules "governing time out and physical restraint in the public schools" and would require that parents be assisted in filing complaints. 6/15/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB0452 DHS-DISABILITY SERVICES Includes ISBE involvement in a program of providing vocational training for individuals with two or more disabilities. 6/29/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB0557 SCH CD-MILITARY DEPNDT TUITION Would give military personnel six months (rather than 60 days) to move into a district from temporary housing for a dependent to enroll in the district without being charged tuition. 6/23/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB0576 SCH CD-ABSENCE-MENTAL HEALTH Would add "mental or behavioral health" concerns as a reason why a student may be exempted from the compulsory school attendance statute. 6/29/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB0577 SCH CD-PREVENT YOUTH SUICIDE Adds eight conditions indicating a youth is at risk for suicide to existing law requiring ISBE to produce informational materials relating to school districts' suicide prevention policies 6/25/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB0597 SCH CD-STUDENT ID INFO-SUICIDE Would require districts to provide contact information suicide crisis prevention hotlines on the back of student ID cards or to post it on a website if they do not issue cards. 6/25/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB1719 SCH CD-SCHOOL COUNSELOR Amends the School Code, the Seizure Smart School Act, the College and Career Success for All Students Act, the Juvenile Court Act of 1987, the Sex Offender Community Notification Law, and the Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth Registration Act to replace the terms "school guidance counselor" and "guidance counselor" with the term "school counselor". 6/23/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB1725 SCH CD-TRUSTEES OF SCHOOL INFO Requires Cook County school trustees and township school treasurers to post on their web sites specific school district financial information. 6/29/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB1746 STUDENT RECORD/CONFERENCE-DCFS "Provides that each school board must (rather than may) appoint at least one employee to act as a liaison to facilitate enrollment and transfer of records of students in the legal custody of the Department of Children and Family Services." Makes related changes. 6/23/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB1778 STUDENT ID-SUICIDE PREV INFO Requires school districts serving grades six to twelve provide information for students on how to contact suicide help line and similar services. 6/25/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB1785 SCH CD-SCHOOL CLOSURE-HEARING Requires a school board to hold public hearings prior to a school closure, unless the school is "unsafe." 6/23/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB2400 SCHOOL LAW ENFORCEMENT DRILLS "Provides that parents or guardians must receive prior notice of a law enforcement drill not less than 5 days prior to the drill." Many details included. 6/23/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB2425 SCH CD-SPECIAL ED COMPLAINTS Extends a filing deadline by one year, until September 30, 2022, for "complaints concerning ... special education services in the 2016-2017 or 2017-2018 school year by the Chicago school district as a result of [policies] identified by the State Board of Education as unlawful" 6/23/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB2438 SCH CD-SCH REPORT CARD-TEACHER "Requires the State Board of Education's school report cards to include the number of teachers who are National Board Certified Teachers." 6/28/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB2748 SCH CD-SPECIAL ED-MAXIMUM AGE Would add up to one year of eligibility for special education services for an IEP student who turned 22 in a school year that was disrupted by a pandemic. 6/28/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB2795 SCH CD-CHARTER SCH AUDITOR Provides that a contractor hired to audit a charter school "shall not be an employee of the charter school or affiliated with the charter school or its authorizer in any way..." 6/23/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB3097 DRIVER EDUCATION-TRAFFIC STOPS Adds "instruction in law enforcement procedures during traffic stops" to the Driver Education Act. 6/25/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB3099 SCH CD-CHRONIC TRUANTS Requires a "socio-emotional focused attendance intervention" approach to dealing with chronic truancy. 6/23/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB3114 SCH CD-EDUCATION EQUITY COMM Requires the creation of a "State Education Equity Committee" within the State Board of Education. 6/23/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB3178 SCH CD-AG COMMITTEE-MEMBERSHIP Provides that a statutory committee on agriculture will advise ISBE on the Ag Education budget request and on rulemaking for Ag Education. 6/25/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB3202 HEALTH ED-E-CIGARETTES "Adds e-cigarettes and other vapor devices as one of the educational areas the Comprehensive Health Education Program must include." 6/25/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB3223 SCHOOL STUDENT-PARENT/VICTIM Deals comprehensively with educational rights of students who are undergoing suspension/expulsion proceedings and have illness or family related mitigating circumstances. 6/29/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB3272 SCH CD-PUPIL ABSENCE-PREGNANCY "Requires a school board to adopt written policies related to absences and missed homework or classwork assignments as a result of or related to a student's pregnancy." 6/25/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB3281 SCH CD-NATURALIZATION TEST "Provides that every public high school may include (rather than shall include) in its curriculum a unit of instruction on the process of naturalization." 6/25/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB3461 SCH CD-SEXUAL ABUSE POLICY Makes thoughtful, "evidence-based" revisions to statutes "provisions relating to a school district's policy addressing the sexual abuse of children." 6/28/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB3906 SCH CD-SPECIAL ED-PARENT Describes circumstances under which the State Superintendent may determine that the whereabouts of parent or guardian of a student in special educations may be unknown, makes related changes to the School Code. 6/25/2021 Sent to the Governor
HB3914 POSITIVE ACTION ACT "Provides that each State agency and employer shall take positive action when it reasonably believes such action is necessary to rectify discrimination or a disadvantage towards persons having a protected characteristic." 6/30/2021 Sent to the Governor
SB0517 SCH CD-SPECIAL ED-THERAPEUTICS "In a provision requiring a school district to pay the cost of tuition for special education and related services if a child attends a non-public school or special education facility, a public out-of-state school, or a special education facility owned and operated by a county government unit, provides that the special education and related services includes public therapeutics programs." 6/21/2021 Sent to the Governor
SB0564 SCH CD-HOLIDAY-MUHAMMAD ALI Amends the School Code with respect to state holidays and "adds January 17 (the birthday of Muhammad Ali) to the list of commemorative holidays [and] provides that the teaching of history of the United States shall include the study of the contributions made by Muslims and Muslim Americans to society." 6/28/2021 Sent to the Governor
SB0605 SCH CD-TRUANCY POLICY "Requires that each school district, charter school, or alternative school or any school receiving public funds develop an absenteeism and truancy policy to be communicated to students and their parent or guardian on an annual basis." Details in the bill. 6/17/2021 Sent to the Governor
SB0633 SCH CD-DATA-INCIDENTS-VIOLENCE "Provides that, upon knowledge of an incident of sexual assault by a student against another student, a school district shall report the incident to the State Board of Education; defines 'sexual assault'. Provides that the State Board shall post on its website for each school year the total number of reported incidents statewide and in each school district." 6/25/2021 Sent to the Governor
SB0652 SCH CD-LOCAL SCHOOL COUNCIL If a Chicago school's Local School Council has vacancies, "then 4 serving members of the local school council shall constitute a quorum for the sole purpose of convening a meeting to fill vacancies through appointments." 6/25/2021 Sent to the Governor
SB0654 SCH CD-STUDENT PLAY TIME "Provides that all public schools shall provide daily time for supervised, unstructured, child-directed play for all students in kindergarten through grade 8." Includes details. 6/28/2021 Sent to the Governor
SB0673 SCH CD-BULLYING PREVENTION Revises School Code bullying policy ... "includes alternatives to exclusionary discipline ... if the incident of bullying is based on religion, race, ethnicity, or any other category that is identified in the Illinois Human Rights Act." Includes details. 6/24/2021 Sent to the Governor
SB1577 SCH CD-ABSENCE-MENTAL HEALTH " With respect to the exceptions to the compulsory attendance requirement, provides that absence for cause by illness shall include the mental or behavioral health of a student...." 6/28/2021 Sent to the Governor
SB1640 SCH CD-COUNSELOR-GIFT BAN "Provides that a guidance counselor may not intentionally solicit or accept any gift from any prohibited source or solicit or accept a gift that would be in violation of any federal or State statute or rule, with exceptions; defines terms." 6/25/2021 Sent to the Governor
SB1830 SCH CD-FINANCIAL LITERACY "Provides that a course in financial literacy may be taken towards the fulfillment of the mathematics requirement that each pupil entering the 9th grade must successfully complete to receive a high school diploma." 6/17/2021 Sent to the Governor
SB1965 STATE HOLIDAY-JUNETEENTH "Provides that Juneteenth National Freedom Day shall be observed on June 19 of each year as a holiday throughout the State (currently, not a holiday and is observed on the third Saturday of June of each year)." 6/7/2021 Sent to the Governor
SB1989 PEN CD-TRS-RETURN TO SERVICE Allows retired TRS members to "return to service" for 120 days or less, without impairing their pension benefits, until June 30, 2023 (a two year extension from current law). 6/25/2021 Sent to the Governor
SB2043 SICK LEAVE BANK-SCH CD-MISC Many miscellaneous provisions relating to sick leave, ISBE's strategic plan, a mandate report, technology, reading, report cards, suspension/expulsion, licensure of educators, absenteeism, physical fitness, transportation reimbursement, and Chicago Educational Facilities. 6/25/2021 Sent to the Governor
SB2088 SCH CD-SUSPEND/EXPEL PUPIL Requires "an educational continuity plan for suspended or expelled students" and makes significant related policy changes. 6/28/2021 Sent to the Governor
SB2109 TRAUMA-INFORMED SCHOOL BOARD Requires all school board members and district superintendents to complete annually an ISBE-approved course on "the adoption and administration of a trauma-informed school standard." 6/28/2021 Sent to the Governor
SB2354 SCH CD-FORENSIC SPEECH COURSE "Adds forensic speech (speech and debate) to the music, art, foreign language, or vocational education elective that a pupil may choose to satisfy the one year prerequisite that each pupil entering the 9th grade is required to successfully complete to receive a high school diploma." 6/25/2021 Sent to the Governor
SB2357 SCH CD-EDUCATOR MISCONDUCT Amends statutes on educator pensions and licensure in relation to educators who have been convicted of criminal acts. 6/25/2021 Sent to the Governor