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All 68 education-related bills ISNS tracked have been signed into law - or vetoed

The listed status for each bill is final. Each bill's number is linked to its "status page" on the General Assembly's web site. From there, you can read its "full text" (be sure to view the "enrolled" version), see its sponsorship and its legislative history. Listed first are the three bills Gov. JB Pritzker vetoed, followed by the 65 he signed into law.

Topic Bill # Effects Status
Teacher training HB0423 Suspends basic skills test requirement; tweaks other teacher licensure provisions (This bill was vetoed because its provisions are also in a bill that was signed into law.) Governor Vetoed
Student Safety SB2124 Requires expulsion of students who bring certain "look-alike" weapons to school; local discretion is allowed (This bill was vetoed because school boards are already allowed to take the actions it "permits" - and state policy now favors non-sxclusionary discipline.) Governor Vetoed
Curriculum SB2126

Makes education available when it has been "interrupted," ICCB paying the cost (This bill was vetoed because its provisions are also in a bill that was signed into law.)

Governor Vetoed
Charter Schools HB3659 Requires charter school boards to  include a parent of an enrolled student and to undergo training PA  101-0291
Charter Schools SB1226 Abolishes State Charter School Commission; transfers authority and resources to ISBE PA  101-0543
Chicago Public Schools HB2272

Subjects governing bodies of Chicago contract schools  to the Freedom of Information Act

PA  101-0088
Chicago Public Schools HB2205 Requires CPS CEO to post a fiscal report in advance of a proposed school closure PA  101-0133
Chicago Public Schools HB2628 Amends various provisions in the Chicago Teacher Article of the Illinois Pension Code PA  101-0263
Chicago Public Schools HB3302 Details processes for Chicago Public Schools to respond to complaints regarding special education students PA  101-0507
Chicago Public Schools HB3586 Comprehensively revises special education requirements applied to Chicago Public Schools PA  101-0515
Curriculum HB3462 School boards are permitted (not mandated) to offer students courses on hunting safety PA  101-0152
Curriculum HB2087 Allows students to take a portion of drivers education training via a "distance learning" process PA  101-0183
Curriculum HB0246 Requires U.S. history course to "include a study of the roles and contributions" of LGBT people PA  101-0227
Curriculum HB2265 Requires a semester of civics education in grades 6, 7, or 8 starting in 2020-2021 school year PA  101-0254
Curriculum SB1601 Requires inclusion of Illinois history in (also required) course in American history, starting in 2020-2021 school year PA  101-0341
Curriculum SB1694 Allows course in workplace legal protections for students in grades 9-12 PA  101-0347
Curriculum HB2165 Amends math course graduation requirement in ways only a math teacher would understand PA  101-0464
Curriculum SB1498 Creates an Agricultural Education Pre-Service Teacher Internship Program; very interesting rural promise PA  101-0554
Data Reporting HB2822 Report cards will have to reflect numbers of students in "workplace learning" experiences PA  101-0068
Data Reporting HB2868 ISBE must post a "work-based learning database" to facilitate school-business relationships PA  101-0389
Data Reporting HB0254 Requires districts to report to ISBE, and ISBE to post, data on class sizes, student-teacher ratios, etc. PA  101-0451
District Finance SB0262 Complete state budget for FY 2020; click "PA " link and see ISBE's lines starting on page 151 PA  101-0007
District Finance SB0028 Revises terms of district funding based on student attendance; regulates "e-learning" programs PA  101-0012
District Finance SB2096 Among many provisions, appears to direct property tax relief pool grants more to the least affluent districts PA  101-0017
District Finance HB0062 Appropriates money to the School Construction Fund as well as other funds PA  101-0029
District Finance SB0690 NO LONGER imposes PTELL on all district; late amendments were adopted for massive gambling expansion PA  101-0031
District Finance SB1746 Allows expansion of Working Cash Fund amounts and purposes PA  101-0416
Parents Rights SB0117 Under the Student Records Act, all rights of parents are transferred to an emancipated student PA  101-0161
Parents Rights HB2830 An employer may not fire an employee for being absent to attend school conferences or teacher meetings PA  101-0486
Pension SB1814 Raises from 3% to 6% the unpenalized cap on educator pay raises (see pp. 382-386 for text) PA  101-0010
Pension HB1472 Allows TRS members to return to teaching in certain areas through 6/30/2021 without losing pension benefits PA  101-0049
Pension SB1584 Lets Chicago retired teachers teach 120 days (now just 100) without jeopardizing pension benefits PA  101-0340
School Boards HB2802 Gives school boards 60 days (now 45) to fill a board vacancy before the Regional Superintendent does it PA  101-0067
School Personnel HB0921 Emplyee rights of educational support personnel who are "RIFed" then rehired within a year are preserved PA  101-0046
School Personnel HB2605 A speech pathologice holding certain credentials can receive a non-teaching educator license PA  101-0094
School Personnel SB1952 Detailed refinements of licensure requirements fo special education and early childhood professionals PA  101-0220
School Personnel HB3652 Requires counselors to inform students of all "post-secondary education options" PA  101-0290
School Personnel SB1460 Subject to appropriations, authorizes incentive payment to educators earning "National Board" credentials PA  101-0333
School Personnel HB2078 Sets and gradually increases minimum salaries of teachers to $40,000 by the 2023-2024 school year PA  101-0443
School Personnel SB1901 Revises requirements for certain educator licenses; also revises law on district purchasing re bid requirements PA  101-0570
School Personnel SB1213 Requires process by which an "unsatisfactory" performance evaluation may be appealed PA  101-0591
Special Education HB0424 ISBE is to create rules for bilingual interpreters who attend IEP program meetings to assist parents PA  101-0124
Special Education SB0209 Details statutory revisions in the complicated process of withdrawing from a special education joint agreement PA  101-0164
Student Achievements HB2177 Allows districts conditionally to issue diplomas postumously to students killed in U.S. military action PA  101-0131
Student Achievements HB0037 Allows private schools as well as public schools to recognize students' bilingual skills with Biliteracy Seal PA  101-0222
Student Achievements HB3237 Spells out specific guidelines for a student to be eligible to receive a "State Seal of Biliteracy" PA  101-0503
Student Health HB1475 Comprehensively revises statute on assissting epileptic students experiencing seizures PA  101-0050
Student Health SB1250 Requires districts to allow students with certain medical conditions to self-medicate as prescribed PA  101-0205
Student Health SB0455 Details requirement for administering cannabis-infused medication to student/registered qualifying patient PA  101-0370
Student Health HB0822 Allows a school to maintain "undesignated" glucagon medication for emergency diabetic student treatment PA  101-0428
Student Health SB1941 Very complex new policy relating to discipline policies and a healthful education environment PA  101-0438
Student Health HB3086 Requires an existing task force to address the needs of students with anger management issues PA  101-0498
Student Safety HB2982 Revises provisions requiring specific substitute teacher criminal background check practices PA  101-0072
Student Safety HB1579 Deals comprehensively with response to students who threaten school property destruction or violence PA  101-0238
Student Safety SB1731 Allows use of Illinois Mental Health First Aid training program for staff to learn behavioral health "warning signs"  PA  101-0350
Student Safety SB1658 Subject to appropriations, ISBE is to award grants to school districts for safety and security purposes PA  101-0413
Student Safety SB1798 Requires age-appropriate policy on sexual harassment posted on district web site and in student handbook PA  101-0418
Student Safety HB0160 Enhanced penalties for delivering cannabis to a school do not apply if the building is no longer operational PA  101-0429
Student Safety HB1561 Makes major changes in law relating to school "threat" assessment and response requirements, resources PA  101-0455
Student Safety HB2627 Requires parent to be present before student may be detained or questioned concerning a crime PA  101-0478
Student Safety HB3606 Creates the Student Online Personal Protection Act of 2019, especially in relation to student records PA  101-0516
Student Safety HB3687 Requires prosecutors to notify school district if an employee of theirs is arrested on sex offense charges PA  101-0521
Student Safety SB0456 Requires policy on sex abuse investigations including highly detailed provisions PA  101-0531
Student Safety SB1371 Permits districts to have certain "temporary door locking devices" installed on school doors; highly detailed PA  101-0548
Student Safety HB3550 Requires an "age-appropriate discussion on the meaning of consent" as part of sex-education courses PA  101-0579
Teacher training HB0355 Adds training to improve "social-emotional outcomes for all students" PA  101-0085
Teacher training HB0035 Puts Grow Your Own Illinois consortium in charge of GYO grants and administration, makes other changes PA  101-0122
Teacher training HB0247 Revises credentialing, evaluation and observation requirements relating to drivers education teachers PA  101-0450